Tuesday, February 23, 2010

bad hair days

so on the whole it's been nice and quiet, just a couple bad hours here and there, especially in the morning (which is really inconvenient, but whatever). i'm slowly tapering off steroids -- i'm at 15 now and get to drop to 12.5 on Friday. those 2.5s are so tiny!

on top of all my other problems with vanity, my hair-pulling is catching up with me. i've been really anxious and pulling alot, but the hair is not growing back as fast as it used to. ergo, half my head is almost totally bald. even where i'm not pulling, the hair is thinning. i have blank spots scattered all over. i think it's the pred, or the malnutrition, or a combo of everything, but part of me is just thinking i should shave my head. maybe it'll look better to all come back in together and be one length, one thickness. maybe it'll get me to stop pulling if i have no hair. my sis had a cute idea of just cutting it short, but i'm afraid there's no in-between here -- short hair wouldn't leave me enough to cover the bald spots the way long hair does.

so i'm thinking of shaving it all and just wearing cute hats until it grows back. but i should probably knit up the cute hats first before i grab the clippers.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pls crack open my skull to let the pain out

Yesterday was wicked headache from hell number 2. I woke up with it and it got worse all say no matter what I did. Drank caffeine, hubs put me on high flow oxygen for 20 minutes, o took a bazillion Tylenol. Finally gave in and went to er. Brain scan showed nothing serious, but signs of sinusitis in all my sinuses. Weird, because I haven't felt sinus symptoms at all, just this bronchitis and sore throat that's been kicking my ass all week. Doc thought it could be from streiod taper, sinusitis, or possibly migraines and suggested follow with primary care phys to figure out whether to see a neuro or ent. He gave me extra pred and a shot of dilaudid for the pain. Dear, sweet, wonderful dilaudid! Sure, it cost me $100 and I missed most of the superbowl (all of the 4th qtr because walgreens sucks) but the pain relief was so worth it.
Coincidentally at GI doc today and was gonna ask him about these headaches anyway. Last month and yesterdays headaches were the worst of my life.

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