Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today's walk

Playlist: tiesto club life vol 2

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It's a walk-off

Ok, so I fail at paleo and I fail at journaling. But at least you can't fail at rebooting. So here we go again. Luckily, it's summertime, which means salads, which means almost no cooking. My office has a kickin salad bar, so I can always go there instead of eating crap when I don't pack a lunch. My laptop is being a jerk, but my iPad is actually easier to type on than I expected. I'm gonna stop allowing crap to get in my way Down the shore the last few days, I realized I was walking lime 2 miles a day. My legs hurt, but that's because they have been underused. Now that I started up, i can't lose the small amount I've already gained. So here goes, walk at least two miles a day. If nothing else, I'll have stronger legs for ION next month. Granted, that was two miles at a boardwalk sauntering speed, with plenty of stopping to eat crap and spike my slush puppies with rum. Consider last week a warm up. So hopefully these are simple changes that I'll be able to maintain and get to see some results. I'm finally in UC remission enough to go for a walk, so lets do this!