Tuesday, May 25, 2010

happy belated birthday!

this flare is now officially a year old. i was in the hospital a year ago. i'm still chasing real remission. without steroids, i'd probably be back in the hospital.

I hate you, Flare. I wish I could drop you off at a babysitter for a few hours or send you away to live with some distant relative forever. you're an expensive brat.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

has a sad

there's so many post that live in my brain that never make it out alive. i'm so bad at journal keeping

anyway, i'm getting put back on cortenema and i'm really bummed about it... but in the scope of things, it's not that bad. and maybe it'll work, and i'll be back in nice fake remission and we can try the steroid taper again. yay?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

a battle to the death!

my diabetes and uc are locked in a battle to the death. being lazy and ridiculously hungry, i haven't been sticking too my diabetes diet for months (obviously). i was almost tapered off the prednisone, but had to get jacked back up because my body is attacking my colon again. i'm on 150 mg 6mp, 30 mg pred, and 500 mg metformin. anyway, i feel crappy all the time. i have to remember, "eat crappy, feel crappy" but again, i'm lazy and bad foods are delicious and easy!

anyway, that brings us to this weekend. i didn't sleep well, took my pred, and had a big delicious breakfast. nothing ridiculous, but definitely naughty for a type 2 diabetic -- fresh fruit, waffles, syrup, eggs, sausage, om nom nom!

i took the express bus to crazytown and totally stressed myself out. pred helped make me crazier than usual, gave me hot flashes, and i was hungry again. so i ate a cheeseburger, fries, and a regular coke. bad, bad idea. i felt better for a little while, but the festival we were at was crazy hot. i mean, 95 degrees in may. i was dressed for the weather, but damn, not ready for it yet. had some lemonade, had an all natural no sugar added fruit smoothie, had some water. tried to find some shade to cool off in, but it was stuffy in the shaded tent. feeling crappy, i was curious and randomly decided to check my blood sugar.

HI, it said.

"hi meter, but that's not really helpful... let's try this again."


dammit. my meter has a range of about 60 to about 500. this was not good. my personal emt checked my pulse, said it felt good, and agreed to not take me to the hospital if i agreed to leave the fair. finally, i get a weekend when my UC is quiet, and instead i'm on the fasttrack to diabetic coma. lame. this is what i get for not taking care of myself!

anyway, a few hours of napping in the air conditioning and I felt lots better. i drank 80 gallons of water and successfully fought off the crazy nausea. we did a little shopping excursion to help me survive the fair on sunday, got some delicious dinner, did some more hot tubbin, then i got a great night's sleep.

take two on sunday: breakfast was sausage in phyllo with cheese, eggs, fresh fruit, and potatoes. not the greatest idea, but i was hungry and not going to be picky. got a diet coke on the way in to the fair (I'm always tired so I save caffeine for special occasions like weekend getaways). i was super hot really quickly and just dripping sweat. i guzzled water like my life depended on it. i wore a floppy hat and carried an umbrella for portable shade. i couldn't eat most of the day, which is good, because usually i can't stop eating. had a cheesesteak, more water, and sugar free ice cream. so i'm slowly getting back down, i'm at about 300 still, but at least it's coming down. now i need it to stay down.