Thursday, July 15, 2010

good news!

dare i say it? the persistent nausea has decided to leave! hooray! i mean, i still have my seabands in case it comes back, but i realized yesterday that i hadn't worn them for a few days. awesome!

i'm down to 12.5 mg pred and feeling pretty good about that. i'm still fatigued and still go from 0 to bitch in 6.5 seconds, but other than that, things are looking up. i can deal with the abdominal pain and weird joint pains I've been having. there's just something about nausea that makes it harder to deal with than pain. probably because when you're in pain, you're not in danger of spewing pain all around you, but nausea definitely involves the threat of spewing.

while i'm being gross, i stepped in cat puke again last night. little cat barfed, big cat ate it. cats are so disgusting.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


today was just rotten. it started at midnight, when i got home, and could not sleep.

i rolled around for 5-7 hours, and eventually passed out in time to hear my alarm go off.

then i stepped in cat puke

then i decided to test my fingertip with my lancet instead of my arm, but I didn't retract the thinger from level 4 (deepest poke) to level 1 (fingertip-appropriate poke). mondayfriday that hurt

then i found out that my bearded dragon was dead :(

then i got a txt from hubs, who slipped and fell and broke his arm, in Texas :( :(

and i was already late for work, so I wrapped up my dearly beloved beardie, put her in the fridge.

got to the office, made a dr appointment to fix the husband and found a pet cemetary that charged reasonable rates for a reptile cremation.

later, i'll email this awesome pottery artist and ask if she can make an urn for my Zoey.

then over the weekend i'll have to get her to the pet cemetary. maybe after the long weekend. until then, i'll have to keep her in the freezer i guess.

Man, looks like July isn't going to be any better than June or May. crapadoodledoo